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 Mission Statement of the Renewables Remote Control Room Users Group

To provide an open forum through conferences and technological aids, to the Owners/Operators of Remote Control Rooms for Renewables working toward best practices and highest standards of work management, communications, and coordination in:
  • Safety
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Grid Reliability
  • Plant Availability
  • Standard communications practices both electronically and verbally
  • Coordination between companies who are interacting both in the field and control room to control room
  • Excellence in process safety and process control
  • Advocacy with Grid Operators, RTOs (Regional Transmission Organizations), BA (Balancing Authorities), etc.
  • Advocacy with regulatory organizations such as FERC, NERC, OSHA
  • Standards in data capture and availability calculations
  • dispatching people from long distances

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 Supported Within This Users Group

Anyone who has a control room where it is used to remotely operate renewable assets.

 Colloquial Names

Centralized Control Room Regional Control Room Power Plant Control Room

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